Gregory Michael Carter

Gregory Michael Carter (b. Houston, TX, USA) is a New-York based multidisciplinary artist working in collage, installation, photography, printmaking and painting. His work consists primarily of mixed media approaches to drawing, painting, photography and collage. Through these works one can see the use of carefully constructed and coded ideograms, which depict his views on various social and political issues all over the world, how they are connected, and most importantly how they effect our everyday lives. Gregory's practice is rooted in an expanded view of history, with a particular interest in human interaction and how it causes the spread of culture in the modern world. He is represented by Hooks-Epstein Galleries in Houston, TX, as well as Merton D. Simpson Gallery in New York, NY. Gregory Michael Carter is a founding member of Everything Records, a creative firm and artist collective with operatives and offices around the world.

Selected Exhibitions

2014 Simpson & Stone, Merton D. Simpson Gallery, New York, NY

2013 New Artist Group Exhibition, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
Coming Through the Gap in the Mountain on an Elephant, Texas Southern University - University Museum, Houston

2011 THE BOOK, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston
What's the New News?, Tea Room Gallery, Houston
Texas in Spain, MadisMad Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2010 Do It Yourself, DD172 Collective, NYC, NY
New American Paintings, G Gallery, Houston

2009Choices We Make Trying to Escape, Community Arts Collective, Houston
Walk with Me, Project Row Houses, Houston

2008The Art of Politics, Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston

2007The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston


Hooks Epstein Galleries, 2631 Colquit, Houston, TX

Merton D. Simpson Gallery, 38 W. 28th st. 5th Floor, NY, NY